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The CrossFit Masters

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The CrossFit Masters​When I started with CrossFit there were two things that fascinated me a lot. One was the extreme workouts that were calling for different attributes like strength, stamina, agility, power, speed etc It almost seemed like the sport were able to produce superhumans that were capable of anything.The other was that age didn’t […]


The complete calisthenics exercises list

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Quick NavigationRelevant callisthenics exercisesReps and roundsProgressionShoulders and triceps.Stiff legged bear walksPike-pushupsDipsWall ClimbersSphinx push-ups Diamond push-upsHandstand push-upsHandstand walk​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Biceps & ForearmHorizontal chin upsChin UpsArcher Chin UpsUpper BackBody Rows Standard Pull UpsAssisted VictoriansReverse FlysChestStandard push-upsHindu push-upWide push-upArcher push-upPlyometric push-ups​DipsLower BackSuperman HoldSuperman RockAbsKnee to elbowsPlankSide PlankSit-upsSitting Jack KnifesHollow HoldsHollow RocksKnee RaisesLeg RaisesHanging Windshield WipersL-SitDragon FlagsGlutes, hamstrings & quadsSquatsSquat JumpsBulgarian split squatCossack […]

Abs after 40

Get abs after 40

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Quick NavigationGet abs after 40The Change:Understanding Why You Want to Change:Feel Why You Want to Change:Plan:Assessment:The Two Scenarios:Take Action:Diet to Lose Fat and Build Muscles:Exercise to Lose Fat:Strength Exercises to Build Muscle:Leg and Knee Raise:Plank:Hollow Holds:L-Sit and Dragon Flag:Get abs after 40 – summary:Get abs after 40So you have turned 40, and now you finally […]

damaged crossfit hands

Crossfit hand care

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CrossFit Hand Care GuideAs an office worker, my hands were always doughy and smooth, ready to pump out words on the keyboard, at least until I started CrossFit. As I progressed in my workouts, my mind, body, and palms under went major transformations. While my body became inevitably stronger from countless lifts and WODs, my […]

good vs bad plank

Plank progression

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The plank is often referred to as a abs or core exercise, which is the truth. However, the plank is much more than that. Depending on which version you select, it will add more focus on specific parts of your body. Unfortunately, it will also be less efficient if not done correctly. So the question […]


Isometric leg exercises

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Isometric leg exercises Isometric training is often an overseen way of training. The traditional concentric contraction where we shorten the muscle and the eccentric contraction where we lengthen the muscle are normally the preferred ways to generate contraction in the muscle. However, looking at ancient training forms like yoga and martial arts, we often see […]