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The CrossFit Masters

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The CrossFit Masters​When I started with CrossFit there were two things that fascinated me a lot. One was the extreme workouts that were calling for different attributes like strength, stamina, agility, power, speed etc It almost seemed like the sport were able to produce superhumans that were capable of anything.The other was that age didn’t […]


The complete calisthenics exercises list

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Quick NavigationRelevant callisthenics exercisesReps and roundsProgressionShoulders and triceps.Stiff legged bear walksPike-pushupsDipsWall ClimbersSphinx push-ups Diamond push-upsHandstand push-upsHandstand walk​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Biceps & ForearmHorizontal chin upsChin UpsArcher Chin UpsUpper BackBody Rows Standard Pull UpsAssisted VictoriansReverse FlysChestStandard push-upsHindu push-upWide push-upArcher push-upPlyometric push-ups​DipsLower BackSuperman HoldSuperman RockAbsKnee to elbowsPlankSide PlankSit-upsSitting Jack KnifesHollow HoldsHollow RocksKnee RaisesLeg RaisesHanging Windshield WipersL-SitDragon FlagsGlutes, hamstrings & quadsSquatsSquat JumpsBulgarian split squatCossack […]


Best knee sleeves for squats

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Best knee sleeves for squats Quick NavigationBest knee sleeves for squatsWhat do knee sleeves do?What should you look for?REHBAND RX 2017 CROSSFIT GAMES KNEE SLEEVE – 5MMREHBAND RX KNEE SLEEVE – 7MM – BLACKREHBAND RX KNEE SLEEVE – 3MMHOOKGRIP KNEE SLEEVES 2.0Knee Sleeves 7mm NeopreneKnee Sleeves Gymreapers 7MM Sleeve Pair​In this article, we will review […]

MOXY Socks Skater Skull Knee-High Striped Deadlift Socks

Weighlifting Socks Review

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Weightlifting Socks Review Quick NavigationWeightlifting Socks ReviewWhat are weightlifting/CrossFit socks?Why do you need them?What should you look for in a weightlifting sock?ROGUE COMPRESSION SOCKSCompression Socks (1 pair) for Women & Men by A-SwiftMOXY Socks Black with Red, White, and Blue American Star Knee-High Deadlift SocksTCK Sports Elite Digital Camo Over The Calf Performance SocksCompression Socks […]

Element Fitness Sissy Squat

Sissy Squat Machine Review

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Sissy Squat Machine Review​ Quick NavigationSissy Squat Machine ReviewWhat is a sissy squat machine?Which muscles does it work?How do you use it?Element Fitness Sissy SquatTDS Pro Sissy SquatConclusionIn this article, we will review two different sissy squat machines. They are: Element Fitness Sissy Squat TDS Pro Sissy Squat ​If you’re looking for a space-saving machine that […]

Best Crossfit wrist wraps

Best CrossFit Wrist Wraps

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Best crossfit wrist wraps Quick NavigationBest crossfit wrist wrapsWhy should you consider using wrist wraps for Crossfit?What do you look for when choosing a pair of Crossfit wrist wraps?Which types exist and whats the different?Rogue Wrist WrapsRogue Strength WrapsWrist Wraps by Rip TonedWrist Wraps by WOD WearWrist Wraps by DMoose FitnessIn this article, we will […]