The complete calisthenics exercises list

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Quick NavigationRelevant callisthenics exercisesReps and roundsProgressionShoulders and triceps.Stiff legged bear walksPike-pushupsDipsWall ClimbersSphinx push-ups Diamond push-upsHandstand push-upsHandstand walk​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Biceps & ForearmHorizontal chin upsChin UpsArcher Chin UpsUpper BackBody Rows Standard Pull UpsAssisted VictoriansReverse FlysChestStandard push-upsHindu push-upWide push-upArcher push-upPlyometric push-ups​DipsLower BackSuperman HoldSuperman RockAbsKnee to elbowsPlankSide PlankSit-upsSitting Jack KnifesHollow HoldsHollow RocksKnee RaisesLeg RaisesHanging Windshield WipersL-SitDragon FlagsGlutes, hamstrings & quadsSquatsSquat JumpsBulgarian split squatCossack […]

Best Bumper Plates

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Best Bumper Plates Quick NavigationBest Bumper PlatesWhat is a Bumper plate and how is it different from other weight plates?What are the advantages of Bumper Plates?What to look for in Bumper Plates?DurabilityDurometer ratingWarrantyReviewsRogue Bumper Plates by Hi-TempRogue HG 2.0 Bumper PlatesRogue Echo Bumper PlatesRogue LB Competition PlatesPremium Black Bumper Plate Solid Rubber with Steel InsertCAP […]

Best Power Tower

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The best Power Tower for your needs. Quick NavigationThe best Power Tower for your needs.What Exercises that you can comfortably do on a Power Tower?What are the Advantages of having a Power Tower?What do you Look for when buying a Power Tower?Body SizeStabilityDurabilityAvailable Space and Ease of MountingMultiple Workout StationsPriceWhat are some of the Best […]

Diaphragmatic Breathing

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The Importance of Diaphragmatic BreathingFrom my teenage years and until I turned 30 I was heavily involved in Japanese material art and was practising it almost every single day.As with most ancient eastern sports the breathing plays a big role and I therefore early on learned to do diaphragmatic breathing without really understanding the benefits […]

Airdyne workout

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For me, an Airdyne is the ultimate cardio machine, and there are several reasons for that.Full-Body Workout MachineCompared to running and bicycling where we mainly focus on the legs, the Airdyne will also work your upper body and core.Low Impact HIITWe all know that that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is great, but for some people […]

The best pull up bar for you!

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Quick NavigationPeople who don’t need a pull up barWhat is your pull up level?Type of pull up barWhat we will be looking atThe pull up barsDoorway pull up barIron Gym Total Upper Body Workout BarDurability/StabilityComfortPriceProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull up BarDurability/StabilityComfortPriceSunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin UpDurability/StabilityComfortPriceMaximiza Pull up BarDurability/StabilityComfortPriceWall mounted pull up barsUltimate Body Press […]

Air squat progression

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American College of Sports Medicine releases every year a top twenty list of fitness trends for the coming year. The list is based on a survey that is completed by more than 1,800 health and fitness professionals worldwide. For 2017, we have Wearable technology as number one, and in second place we have “Bodyweight training” […]