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Crossfit hand care
CrossFit Hand Care GuideAs an office worker, my hands were always doughy and smooth, ready to pump out words on[...]
Pistol squats progression
Normally I do not want to be that guy that starts to line up all the problems - I like[...]
Hanging knee raises
Many years ago, the recommend way of working your abs was to do a lot of crunches - preferably hundreds[...]
Slow carb recipes
I would love to steal your time for a few minutes, but if you are in a hurry and have[...]
HSPU CrossFit style
I love HSPU or Handstand pushups as they are called. Reason for that is that I’m pretty good at them[...]
Plank progression
The plank is often referred to as a abs or core exercise, which is the truth. However, the plank is[...]
Calisthenics progression
Before we start, let me just praise you for ending up on this particular article. Instead of looking for a[...]
Isometric leg exercises
Isometric leg exercises Isometric training is often an overseen way of training. The traditional concentric contraction where we shorten the[...]


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FAQ What will I get out of the workout plans? It, of course, depends on your current body composition and[...]
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About Fits-Me Fits-me is located in Sweden/Landskrona and is managed by Henrik Nielsen who is also a co-owner and head[...]