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You estimate your current fitness level


You select a body weight workout plan that fits you


We guide & motivate you towards your goals

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This is Fits-Me



You handpick a workout plan that fit your body composition and fitness level. You start at the level your body is ready for and then build it up. This will give you faster results and minimise injuries.

easy to follow

Easy to follow

The only hard part for you should be the actual workout. We will provide you with a weekly, easy to follow workout plan and give you access to step-by-step videos for all exercises.



You can’t change what you don't measure. Therefore you will be asked to note your score for some workouts. This will be motivation for you.



The best type of workout is the one you get done. We know that your time is limited. Therefore we give you the highest flexibility. Workout anywhere and anytime. No excuses 

evidence based


Jumping around and getting sweaty might be fine for some but at FitsMe we want our workout to give you results. Therefore we only utilise evidence-based methods.



A fit body can do many things and with FitsMe you get it all. Running, strength, flexibility, high intensity & aerobic sessions. It’s all part of your workout plan.

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