Pure core strength workout

Pure core strength workout:

Pure core strength workout
If there is one place that we want to be strong it's the core.
A strong core is not only beneficial when we are aiming for visible abs. It will also help to maintain a good posture during daily day activities and thereby avoid lower back pain etc. Beside from looking nice the main function for the core muscles are to protect our spine.
We use isometric holds for the core strength workout. Reason for that is, that's how the core muscle work. Protecting and stabilising muscle are slightly engaged all the time.  The hollow hold and superman hold is excellent exercises and by adding some motion with the rocking we make them even more challenging.
The strict toes to bare can be a challenge for many and if so please just do knee raises. To be honest the knee raises when done correctly is also a very efficient core exercise. What you just have to focus on is to tilt your pelvis for maximum ab engagement.



  • Only do the rocks if you master the holds with correct form for +30sec
  • Make sure to tilt your pelvis for the strict toes to bar or knee raises
  • Form is more important than reps and speed

Hollow rocks

Strict toes to bar

Superman rocks

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