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Weighlifting Socks Review

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Weightlifting Socks Review

After months of leaving the gym with nasty barbell scrapes and throbbing rope burns, a friend recommended I give weightlifting socks a try. At first, I wasn't completely sold on these attention-grabbing accessories, but now I wouldn't be caught dead doing a deadlift or climbing rope without them.

For others who might be curious about the benefits of these popular foot garments, here is a quick explainer and our top five Crossfit socks.

What are weightlifting/CrossFit socks?

Crossfit or weightlifting socks are knee-high socks that provide a protective barrier and extra support for your lower leg, ankle, and foot muscles. They typically utilize graduated compression technology in order to help support muscle recovery and reduces fatigue. In addition to being purposeful, weightlifting socks have become a stylish addition to many Crossfitters' workout outfits. From colorful patterns to sporty embellishments, weightlifting socks are one of the Crossfit gym's most underrated fashion statements.

Why do you need them?


Weightlifting socks help protect your shins when you are deadlifting, climbing ropes, box jumping, etc. The material wraps snuggly around the shins to prevent skin abrasions. It also helps to eliminate fatigue and speed up the recovery process by helping to circulate blood and oxygen. Moreover, compression socks help to eliminate the build-up of lactic acid.

What should you look for in a weightlifting sock?

  • When purchasing a pair of Crossfit socks, make sure they are made from a premium material. Ideally, the material should be lightweight, breathable, moisture resistant, and durable.
  • The socks should also utilize graduated compression technology to help support your body while its hard at work.
  • Additionally, cushioned soles and ergonomic designs provide lasting comfort.
  • Finally, Crossfit socks tend to feature fun, inspiring patterns that can make your workout of the day even more thrilling.


Rogue's compression socks are super light, stretchy performance garments. They are made from a Noble Prize-winning material called Olefin. This material is designed to dry rapidly, provide abrasion resistance, and maintain prolonged strength. The socks also feature T-66 nylon toe and heel panels for extra breathability. What's more, they have double density woven footbeds to make you feel like your standing on clouds.

From the Y-shaped contour heel to the double welted cuffs, the designers at Rogue have left no stone unturned. These socks stay put and provide ultimate support during deadlifts, ropes, box jumps, and so much more. They come in a variety of sizes and have "ROGUE" stitched in large letters down the entire length of the calf.

Compression Socks for Women & Men by A-Swift

A-Swift features a fresh lineup of designer knee-high socks. Get your lactic acid moving with a pair of stylish graduated compression tubes. The A-Swift fabric features a silver lining that helps reduce the buildup of bacteria and maintain a consistent body temperature. Moreover, it provides prolonged use by absorbing excess moisture and deodorizing your feet. Keep these socks on throughout your entire workout for optimum energy and a quicker recovery.

Select from a wide range of designer fabrics, including argyles, polka dots, stripes, and hearts. These socks are fashionable and comfortable enough to wear all day. They come in sizes small, medium, and large.

MOXY Socks Black with Red, White, and Blue American Star Knee-High Deadlift Socks

Feeling patriotic? Moxy's red, white, and blue knee-high socks provide nonstop comfort and control. If you're struggling to support your Achilles heel, these socks provide unmatched foot support. What's more, they feature a cushioned reciprocated heel and toe for hours of ergonomic support. While they aren't labeled as compression socks, they provide an ample amount of pressure to your calf and ankle.

Not only will these socks have you feeling like Captain America or Wonder Woman, they feature incomparable construction. What's more, they feature a snug, tight weave that doesn't snag during deadweights.

TCK Sports Elite Digital Camo Over The Calf Performance Socks

You no longer need bloody shins to look badass. These camo knee-high performance socks help you to maintain your tough gym presence while giving you the foot and ankle support you need to take training to the next level. The blended polypropylene and lycra are optimal for wicking moisture and preventing blister development. What's more, double welted tops keep your sock firmly in place.

The digital camo print comes in a wide range of colors, including neon yellow/electric blue, royal/gold, scarlet, hot pink, and neon green. Socks come in sizes small to extra large and are intended for both men and women.

Compression Socks  20-30mmHg Graduated

If you're looking for more than just a style sock, these 20-30mmHg graduated compression socks provide outstanding support for improved performance and muscle recovery. The compression strength is strongest at the ankle and gradually decreases up the leg. When you're buckling under the pressure of a deadweight, your body will thank you.

What's more, these socks are made from silver antibacterial yarn. This technology helps your body to keep clean, fight odor, and regulate its temperature. Choose between flashy red, green, or pink argyle.

MOXY Socks Skater Skull Knee-High Striped Deadlift Socks

Moxy's Skater Skull knee-high socks are made of a breathable knit fabric and feature mesh ventilation panels for the heel and toes. What's more, the thin, stretchy material forms a compression support system for the foot and leg muscles. It also creates a smooth surface that won't snag on your barbells. In fact, these socks are not only super comfortable but also help improve athletic performance.

In addition, these Moxy socks feature a badass look that both guys and gals can rock. Choose between one of four bold colors to compliment the floor to knee horizontal stripes and skull and crossbones motif.

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