HSPU CrossFit style

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I love HSPU or Handstand pushups as they are called. Reason for that is that I’m pretty good at them and being a lighter athlete makes them slightly easier 🙂 HSPU is an advanced vertical press exercise and the only bodyweight exercise where we can get a good overhead press. Mastering them is, therefore, mandatory […]

good vs bad plank

Plank progression

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The plank is often referred to as a abs or core exercise, which is the truth. However, the plank is much more than that. Depending on which version you select, it will add more focus on specific parts of your body. Unfortunately, it will also be less efficient if not done correctly. So the question […]

calisthenics progression template

Calisthenics progression

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Before we start, let me just praise you for ending up on this particular article. Instead of looking for a common phrase like “how to do l-sit” or “how to do human-flag”, you actually looked for the most important word when it comes to any kind of workout. Progression! You probably know the phrase, location, […]


Isometric leg exercises

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Isometric leg exercises Isometric training is often an overseen way of training. The traditional concentric contraction where we shorten the muscle and the eccentric contraction where we lengthen the muscle are normally the preferred ways to generate contraction in the muscle. However, looking at ancient training forms like yoga and martial arts, we often see […]