Is The Slow Carb Diet For You?

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Are You Looking for a Proven Healthy Eating Plan?

Why is it so difficult to eat healthy? Maybe it’s because every day someone introduces a new diet that’s supposed to keep us healthy. The problem is that what we should do today, is what we shouldn’t do tomorrow. How is it possible that healthy foods can change in such a short period of time? It would be great if someone would discover a simple and easy way for us to eat healthier, and maybe even lose a few of those unwanted pounds. Well, someone has. It’s called the slow carb diet, and it is easy to follow and effective. Take a look!

So, what is the Slow Carb Diet?slow carb diet

According to, the slow carb diet is a plan where you eat low-glycemic load (GL) foods that burn fat rapidly. Low-GL foods are those that allow the body to use glucose or sugar more effectively. This means that the carbohydrates are metabolized slowly so the sugar is converted to energy rather than being stored as fat. The foods in this group include beans, small seeds and nuts, lean meats, whole grains, most vegetables and sweet fruits, and mushrooms.
This eating plan was coined the slow carb diet by doctors Patricia and Harvey Haakonson, in their book Slow Carb for Life. They explain that you need to eat “good carbs”, those that your body burns efficiently and slowly. They also confirm that you need to avoid “bad carbs” or those that contribute to fat storage. They’ve created a kind of motto with the message, always slow carbs but never quick ones.

How does the slow carb diet work?

The goal of the slow carb diet is for you to become healthier. For this to happen, you need to eat low-GL carbs at every meal. These slow carbs positively impact the digestive system by ensuring that it is not overloaded. The theory is that we need these slow carbs for energy and fuel for our bodies. This is a concept that is the total opposite of a low carb diet where all carbohydrates are avoided. The substitute in these diets is protein, which is consumed in large quantities.
Many people have tried low carb diets but with only inconsistent results. In fact, WebMD reports that low carb is out, and slow carb is in. After all the years of considering carbohydrates as the enemy, it is hard to believe that we are now actually being encouraged to eat carbs at every meal. However, we need to be sure to eat the right carbs in order for this diet to work and to achieve weight loss.
In order for us to know what to eat, foods have been sorted into a type of pyramid, with the lowest GL foods at the bottom. These are the fruits and vegetables and they form the basis of our diet and should be consumed in bulk each day. Next come the dairy products, lean meats, fish, nuts, and beans. These should be eaten in moderate quantities. We can add some whole grains and pasta, but only in small quantities.
David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD, associate professor of pediatrics at Children’s Hospital in Boston has studied the slow carb diet and his results have proven that it is effective. He writes that one of the reasons it works is that the carbs that you eat make you feel fuller, faster, and so you eat less calories overall. Those who followed this diet also reported higher energy levels and an increase in daily activity. These changes in eating and workout habits contributed to their weight loss. Dr. Ludwig continues that it is unnecessary to “count” the food we eat, but that we should focus on eliminating the processed carbs in favor of whole carbohydrate foods.

Why does the slow carb diet work?

Spring roast chickenFoods are rated based on the degree to which they raise blood glucose levels. When you eat high GL foods, the carbohydrates break down quickly and glucose is rapidly released into the bloodstream. Our bodies’ organs cannot efficiently process this extreme sugar release and therefore, our blood sugar levels remain high. These high sugar levels lead to excessive fat buildup and weight gain.
The slow carb diet plan is built on the theory that we need to avoid these high-GL foods, eating the low- GL ones as a healthy alternative. These low-GL foods release the glucose more slowly, spreading it over a time period that can be managed by our bodies. This keeps blood sugar levels stable and reduces sugar spikes. A more constant level reduces all those crazy food cravings, promotes weight loss, and leads to healthier organ functioning.
As an added bonus, the slow carb diet reduces the risk of some chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Based on these findings, the diet was originally designed for those with diabetes. However, as science learned more about the connections among blood sugar, hunger, and fat storage, the diet was expanded and marketed as a general weight loss plan.
Just think, no more calorie counting, weighing food, or eating pre-packaged tasteless meals. Just good carbs in simple meals to keep your blood sugar level constant throughout the day. The slow carb diet shows us that what is natural, is best. There are no supplements to buy or hours of exercise to perform. There is only common sense eating. So, go for the good, slow carbs. Your body will definitely thank you for it.
If you are eager to try out a slow carb diet you can test below for a week.Lifetime diet plan

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