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Hi Temp Bumper Plate Review

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Hi Temp Bumper Plate Review

Have you heard good things about Rogue’s Hi Temp bumper plates but aren’t sure if they are worth the investment? Made of long-lasting crumb rubber and featuring two-inch stainless steel inserts, these weights are virtually indestructible. In fact, they have been manufactured in Tuscumbia, Alabama, for over a decade and have gained a reputation for being one of the best American-made bumper plates.

Review of Rogue’s Hi Temp bumper plates

CrossFit athletes around the world are trading in their primitive iron weight sets for softer, bouncier Hi Temp bumpers. These 17.5-inch diameter plates are a springy 75 on the durometer scale. For Olympic lifts or CrossFit workouts, bouncy rubber plates allow you to drop a fully loaded barbell without damaging your equipment or floor. What’s more, they are soft enough to eliminate the reverberating clang of steel.

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What are Hi Temp bumper plates, and how are they different from other bumpers?

Hi Temp bumper plates feature recycled vulcanized rubber plates adhered to stainless steel inserts. While they fit a standard-sized barbell, they are bouncier and less noisy than your dad's old steel plates. They also have an overhanging outer collar that helps to reduce friction on a bar loaded with multiple plates.


Alternative bumpers are made from virgin rubber and have a dead bounce when dropped. They also tend to be thinner than Hi Temp bumpers, allowing more weight to be added to the bar. For example, the width of a 25-pound Hi Temp bumper plate is two and one-fourth inches, while a 20 pound Rogue HG bumper plate is only two inches wide. In addition, traditional bumpers tend to be shorter than Hi Temps. There is a five millimeter difference between the Hi Temps and HG 2.0 bumpers.

What is a durometer rating, and what does it mean?

The durometer shore hardness scale is used to measure the hardness of materials. It was developed by Albert F. Shore in the 1920s. The scale ranges from one to 100. The Hi Temp bumpers’ rating of 75 tells us that they are relatively soft and bouncy. Virgin rubber bumpers tend to have higher durometer ratings and have a more stagnant or dead bounce.

Material & Durability

Hi Temp Bumpers are made of recycled galvanized rubber. Not only environmentally friendly, this rubber byproduct is more durable and safer than steel plates. What’s more, they are one of only a few weights that are still made in the continental United States. They feature stainless steel cores that eliminate weak pressure points and help guarantee the longevity of these heavy-duty implements.

How does the price compare to other bumper plates?

Hi Temp bumpers are more expensive than traditional steel weights. A 160-pound set of Hi Temp bumpers costs over $320. However, pairs of 10, 25, and 45-pound bumpers are sold individually and can be mixed with rubber and/or steel bumpers. With that being said, a 10-pound set costs around $30. Generic alternatives sell around $20 but don’t feature Rogue’s one-year warranty and are more likely to use inferior crumb rubber.

Pros & Cons

For Crossfit athletes, weighted squats, deadlifts, presses, and snatches are just a fraction of the weight-training arsenal that will have you wishing you had bumpers that bounce. When you’re in the box trying to maximize your WOD score, you’ll want a bumper than can stand up to high reps, constant abuse, and natural elements. While all weight variants are black, they’re comparable to colorful competition bumpers.

Aesthetically, Rogue Hi Temps typically have a number of imperfections and quickly pick up nicks and chalk marks. However, they can take years of abuse without the risk of a popped insert or crumbling rubber exterior. On the downside, greater plate widths mean less poundage on the barbell.

Who should buy them?

If you’re a dedicated CrossFitter, Rogue Hi Temp bumpers are excellent choices for your home gym. They eliminate the clatter produced when steel bumpers hit a garage floor or paved driveway and reduce the risk of damage to your equipment and home. They can also be mismatched with pairs of steel or virgin rubber bumpers. Since they feature a slightly wider diameter, the crumb rubber will hit the floor first and provides a desirable bounce regardless of the elements of your weight stack.


Olympic weightlifters can also benefit from Hi Temps. When performing the snatch or the clean and jerk, knowing your weights aren’t going to slide is priceless. What’s more, the inset collar allows you to add multiple weights without having to worry about the bumpers rubbing up against each other.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, the textured surface of Rogue Hi Temps may look inferior to the sleek black virgin rubber of alternative bumper plates, but the less dense material offers up a bouncier, more resilient alternative to traditional weight equipment. This means you can workout on concrete with putting down mats. It is also far quieter and free of the noxious smell of new rubber.

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Traditional weightlifters may have a hard time seeing the benefits of these bulky bumper plates, while the majority of seasoned Crossfitters can barely imagine a WOD without these drop-resilient weights.

In conclusion, these are a great investment if you're willing to spend a bit more for a weight you use indoors and out.

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