Best CrossFit shoes for women

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Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

crossfit shoes for women

As you know Crossfit consists of an intense blend of athletic activities that require specialized training shoes. While regular trainers are designed with runners in mind, their raised heels manipulate athletes into carrying the bulk of their weight on in their toes. Since CrossFit incorporates vigorous weight training, it's best that individuals wear flat soled shoes that promote balance and can withstand the burden of intense weight. Moreover, Crossfit shoes need to be extremely durable in order to withstand the variety and intensity of the workouts. Crossfit shoes help reduce the risk of injury while promoting optimal performance.

A CrossFit shoe could travel from a smooth gym floor to a rough rope in the matter of one daily workout. It needs to offer tremendous flexibility while staying put. Things to look for in crossfit shoes for women and men include a cage made of robust but breathable synthetic uppers, toe caps, and heel stabilizers. Lastly, don't choose a shoe that doesn't fit your style. There are thousands of variations of CrossFit shoes for women and men to select from. Just remember, you'll want your shoes to last, as crosstrainers require a sizable investment.

Now lets have a look at some of the best crossfit shoes for women that the market offers right now.


Reebok's Women's Crossfit Nano 7.0's feature low profile, synthetic uppers in a variety of color palettes.

 The low, 4mm heel-to-toe drop provides a well-balanced support for those never ending squats. Moreover, the reinforced heel and power launch toe box allow you to maintain control while still getting a good feel of the floor. 

Not to mention, the crystallized rubber outsole will give you unrelenting traction when you need it most.

Not only are these kicks fully compatible for the gym, they're durable enough to take out on the course. In fact, the NanoWeave tech uppers provide the perfect cage for your foot as it cascades climbing walls and slaughters sprint intervals. This crossfit shoe is breathable and provides optimal coverage. However, it isn't cut out for long distance running. That being said, it one of most coveted choices of female athletes. Whether you're training for a championship or just looking to get your feel for CrossFit, these low cut trainers will perform dubiously through different disciplines.


The Reebok Women's Crossfit Speed Tr Cross-Trainer Shoes feature ultra soft compression-molded midsoles that drastically reduce the impact of overhead weight while supporting balance.

Another great feature is the compression upper sleeve that prevents common injuries, such as sprained ankles. Add in stabilizing forefoot cradles, and megaflex grooved outsoles, and you've got a crossfit shoe that fits like a glove and will stand by you on the toughest training days.

From the moment you lace these up, you'll begin to wonder how you ever survived with specialty shoes. The wide soles are the perfect platform for lifting, but your feet hardly feel the pressure thanks to the super soft removal insole, padding tough, and plush collar. Where ever your WOD takes you, with the Tr Cross-Trainers you'll be able to perform it confidently.


Reebok's Nano series incorporates the most favorable CrossFit hallmarks into an extremely lightweight, durable trainer. From the super slick colors and patterns to the ultra durable DuPont™ Kevlar® infused mesh uppers, no stone goes unturned in Reebok's design.

The raised outsole heels maintain superior balance when doing heavy lifts, and the lug patterns create the optimal traction base. Plus, you've got an incredibly thin base, with a mere 3mm toe-to-heel drop.

If you've got a wide foot and are struggling to find a snug, but the flexible shoe, you may have found your match with the NANO 5.0.


Don't let the soft, anatomical shape of R Crossfit Nano 6-0 Cross-Trainer Shoe's fool you into thinking they're an inferior product. These puppies come fully equipt with RopePro+ with sandpaper-textured Kevlar to make scaling ropes a cinch. Moreover, the kevlar mesh uppers are breathable and sturdy for hours of fire snatchers and gorillas.

Some may argue that Reebok has fabricated these with their strongest uppers yet.

There is no doubt that the nano shell keeps your foot snug and ready for your any workout.

Nike Metcon 3 - Womens

Crossfit shoes for women and men used to be dominated by Reebook but in the last couple of years other makers such as Nike have tried to enter the market.

Nike Metcon 3 is, as the number says their third generation of crossfit shoes or shoes for cross training.

The new Nike Metcon 3 is introducing an updated drop-in midsole—for max stability + flexibility in the forefoot—along with a lot of new colours.

The Nike Metcon 3 are designed with cross training in mind ad therefore have a solid rubber heal that doesn't squish when lifting heavy and a small drop for solid contact with the ground.

Most people that buy these crossfit shoes are extremely happy with their performance during a normal workout. The most complains are about running as people think the shoe has no cushioning.

Inov-8 F-Lite 235 v.2 - Women's

The Inov-8 Women's F-Lite 235 V2 Cross-Trainer Shoe is our most versatile find.

The ADAPTERFIT system is designed to cradle the foot and expand when movement solicits it. From there, the bumpers provide the ultimate support for your foot forward repeated burpees. From the zero drop toe-boc, which provides excellent stability, to the 360 degrees Rope-tec that provide incomparable traction on ropes and gym floors, you'll be able to wear these puppies through countless hours of intensified WOD. The 3mm toe-to-heel drop offers incomparable cushion and works for long distance runs in addition to gym floors.

Best match


All of the above crossfit shoes will work very well for most people but it can be the small details that makes them perfect for you.

Another aspect that we haven't covered in these crossfit shoes for women is the design and colours. Therefore take your time to understand what is most important for you. Do you spend most your time lifting heavy or do you need some shoes that will support a longer run as well? How much rope climbing do you do and how does your favorit design look like? Now with that in mind try to find your best match.

Happy hunting.

crossfit shoes for women

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