Callus removers for CrossFit and weightlifting

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Best Callus Removers for CrossFit and Weightlifting


You can probably safely say your nailing your workout of the day if you're coming home with hefty hand calluses. While the thick padding may do wonders to improve your barbell cycles and pull-ups, rugged hands are extra prone to rips. Fortunately, callus removers can help you to maintain your hands, keeping them baby smooth and ready for action.

What is a Callus?

Hand with callous

Calluses are the thickened outermost layer of the skin, They are formed from friction-intensive activities such as CrossFit exercises and weightlifting. Thick calluses are more easily prone to pinching, blistering, and pulling away from the surface of the hand. While they certainly demonstrate a level of commitment to the gym and provide the necessary protection, they can lead to painful, inhibiting tears if not properly maintained.

Why Should You Remove it When Working Out?

It is important to smooth out or remove calluses to prevent painful tears and infections. Moreover, by maintaining your calluses you'll prevent yourself from losing out on precious gym time. Even for full-time gym rats, large, noticeable calluses can be a social taboo. Moreover, large, protruding calluses are almost inevitably a sign of rips to come. Instead of enduring the pain, potential infection, and movement compensation that come as a result of ripped, injured palms, take the time to groom your calluses every couple of days.

While a small thick layer of skin helps facilitate a healthy workout, too much can be a sign of an improper grip or form.

Which Method Is Best?

There are many different ways of removing calluses. Rather than struggling to decide which method is best, focus on proper grooming. This means thoroughly reducing any bulges and eliminating any protruding surfaces. Choose a method that fits your budget and is a process that you're willing to commit to.


Of course, you always want to leave a layer of callus behind and you don't want to pick at the soft skin that surrounds the extra padding. To avoid over treating your hands, try to perform your callus removal after a warm shower. This softens the skin and makes it easier to remove. Moreover, try to perform shaves and deep exfoliations shortly after your heavy lifting, giving your hands the greatest possible amount of time to recover.


1. Callus shavers:

While it may seem a bit scary, callus shavers are one of the best, quickest ways to remove calluses. The sharp blades are capable of quickly removing excess layers on the palm. You can then use a small file or pumice stone to smooth out rough edges.

Body Toolz Callus Shaver Stainless Steel with 10 Blades

The Body Toolz Callus Shaver Stainless Steel with 10 Blades is a stainless steel shaver that features extra sharp razors that can be used to remove thick hand calluses. It is 14 cm long and features a beveled handle for easy gripping. For best results, the shaver should be used after carefully moisturizing and soaking the skin. While shavers work best to remove large calluses quickly, any remaining sharp edges should be smoothed out with a medium grit file. The shaver should not be used more than once a week.

Body Toolz Callus Shaver Stainless Steel with 10 Blades

2. Electric callus removers:

Electric callus removers are one of the quickest ways to remove built up calluses. They typically feature motorized rotating heads with coarse surfaces that quickly eradicate calluses while smoothing out the surface of the skin.

Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

While advertised for foot use only, the Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File is an excellent tool for removing tough hand calluses too. The battery-operated, electronic file features a coarse spinning roller head. The tool also features an ergonomically designed handle for easy application.

Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

One of the great features of this callus remover is that the roller heads come in several different grits and can be switched out and/or replaced easily. It is also free from sharp blades and can be used rather quickly to create optimally smooth, flat hands.

Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover

The Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover is a radically-designed electronic callus remover. It features a rotating disc head and comes with six fine and six coarse discs to get you started. The remover plugs into a standard electric outlet and features a generous nine-foot cord with a swivel top for easy manipulation.

Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

A great feature of the Tip2Toe is its adjustable speed settings, which allow users to customize their treatment. The coarse discs work best to remove calluses and the fine help to create a smooth finish.

3. Callus rasp/file:

Rasps and files are handheld tools designed to smooth out and remove calluses. They come in a variety of grits, much like sandpaper. The larger the grit, the better for removing large calluses. However, small grits are best for smoothing the surface of the skin and are often used following other callus removing treatments.

Diamancel Callous Rasp #20

The Diamancel Callous Rasp #20 is the most powerful rasp for removing hard calluses. It features a flat, narrow body that is split down the middle into an ergonomic handle and file. Because of the substantial grit of the abrasive particles, the #20 rasp can quickly remove large calluses nearly as well as a sharp blade. For best results, follow the use of the #20 with a smaller grit rasp to generate a smooth surface.

Diamancel Callous Rasp #20

The rasp can be used multiple times but should be washed thoroughly with soap and water after each use. It is narrow enough to workout thick finger calluses but suitable for palms as well. Because of its size, it can be easily tossed into a gym bag and used post-WOD.

Diamancel Hand and Finger Callus File #5

The Diamancel Hand and Finger Callus File #5 is a small grit file that is perfect for smoothing out finger and palm calluses. The fine grit is made of real crushed diamonds for optimal precision. While the handle is made of plastic, the file is quite durable and can be used repeatedly. It is best to rinse with soap and water immediately following use.

Diamancel Hand and Finger Callus File #5

While the #5 file isn't capable of quickly eradicating large calluses, its size makes it perfect for fitting in narrow nooks and maneuvering around the hand's curves. When using a callus shaver or coarse grit rasp, the #5 is an excellent way to provide those necessary finishing touches.

4. Pumice stone

Pumice is a light, porous rock that forms from volcanic lava. Because of its coarse surface, it is often used to exfoliate skin. There are natural and man-made varieties.

Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone for Foot Callus by Zenda Naturals

The Zenda Naturals Pumice Stone utilizes the exfoliating power of all-natural volcanically-sourced pumice. Each of the stones is handpicked and fitted with a rope handle for easy, ergonomic gripping. The dampened stone can be used daily to help lower and smooth out calluses.

Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone for Foot Callus by Zenda Naturals

While pumice provides a gentle exfoliation, overuse can result in removing too much skin and cause subsequent cuts and/or infections. For this reason, only slight pressure should be used when utilizing the stone. For best results, follow with a hydrating salve to lock in moisture and create and soften newly revealed skin.

5. Kit

If you're new to callus maintenance or looking for an economical way to improve your hands, kits provide you with all the essential tools to remove calluses, smooth and hydrate skin, and heal inevitable tears.

WOD Welder Handcare Value Pack

The WOD Welder pack includes everything you need to remove calluses, smooth the surface if the hand, and thoroughly moisturize it. It includes a salve, natural pumice stone, RX healing cream, callus shaver, and replacement blades. Together, the items in the bundle cost a fraction of what they would if purchased alone. Nevertheless, they feature premium designs and longlasting formulas.

WOD Welder Handcare Value Pack

For the best possible results, the items are intended to be used together. The items can be used to maintain, lower, and smooth calluses or repair and mend calluses after rips and tears. All items are manufactured in the U.S., are gluten-free, and never tested on animals.

6. Moisturizer

Doc Spartan Combat Ready Ointment

Doc Spartan Combat Ready Ointment (CRO) is an all-natural moisturizer designed to prevent cracking and ripping. Made from coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E, this CRO is made from a vital formula of skin-improving ingredients. It also features the soothing scents and healing properties of Lavender Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, and Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Doc Spartan is a great moisture-sealing ointment to keep on hand when removing or maintenance calluses. It can also be applied directly to rips or other hand injuries to create a clean, healthy barrier and speed healing time.

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