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The best Power Tower for your needs.

As a dedicated Crossfit’er, I'm not that happy about fancy shining machines that isolate a specific muscle group when used.

I’m a strong believer in functional fitness and callisthenics where only the body weight is used to gain strength.

Therefore it’s very limited what kind of machines I would ever consider to use and purchase. A Power tower could be one of them if I one day need a simple and compact device to strengthen my upper body I would defiantly consider one.

Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower

In this article, we will review seven different Power Towers. They are:

Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower

Fitness Reality X

Body Champ Power Tower

Body Champ Power Tower

Weider Power Tower

Weider Power Tower

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Bowflex Body Tower

Bowflex Body Tower

Gold's Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

Gold's Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

In some quarters, it is referred to as a captain's chair or what others call a knee raise station. This device is intended for building the upper parts of the body such as biceps, triceps, lats, shoulders, chest and abs, only using bodyweight.

What Exercises that you can comfortably do on a Power Tower?

Power tower is one of the better types of equipment for strengthening the upper body only using body weight.

With it, you can do numerous exercises, and some of those that you can comfortably perform using power tower are:

• Chin ups

• Pull Ups

• Dips

• Push-ups.

• Knee raise and leg raises.

What are the Advantages of having a Power Tower?

The biggest advantage of a Power Tower is that it fits inside most homes and you don't need to build a garage gym with a dip bar and a pull-up bar in order to get a good workout for your upper body.

Also, you can get one at a decent price.

What do you Look for when buying a Power Tower?

Buying the best power tower that fits your exercise needs require making proper assessments in order to choose the best. There are various aspects to consider when buying your power tower and some of these are:

Body Size

Body size is the first thing you have to look at, though a majority of power towers work for most sizes and weights. There are various power towers, and they come in various sizes.

The difference in sizes seeks to cater for varying weights since different people possess dissimilar features. Your body sizes are important too, and you need to have that in mind when choosing your power tower.


Stability is the second thing to look for. Choosing an unstable Power Tower that gives a wobbling feeling when working out will make you focus more on the instability than the workout. I can't stress enough how important this is when selecting a Power Tower.


How durable is the power tower that you would want to buy? Inspect every part of the device, starting from the cushions to covering to ensure that they are durable. This is the only way you can ensure you get value for your money.

The power tower you choose to buy must stand the test of time. So, it must be able to prolong wear and tear. Some of the durable materials that you can look out for include steel, high-quality foam, and cushions made of vinyl upholstery.

Available Space and Ease of Mounting

Before you make the purchase, ensure that you consider the space that you have available. Some power towers take up more space than others.

Another very important aspect to consider is the ease of mounting your power tower. The easier it is to mount, the better.

Multiple Workout Stations

When choosing your power tower, look for the one with multiple workout stations. Your power tower should be able to support chin ups, pull-ups, dips & knee raises as a minimum. The reason why you are buying a power tower is that you want to have variety when it comes to doing your workouts.

A majority of power towers today support an array of workouts. Above are the most important ones and the one you should focus on when working out on a Power Tower.

A disadvantage with Power Towers that supports a big variety of exercises is that they often tend to be of bad quality. So, in this case, less might be more.


And lastly, you need to consider the price. A variety of power towers come with prices set by their various manufacturers, and these parties set them based on various aspects. The cost of a device may, at times, not reflect the true quality. Nevertheless, a power tower with a higher price tag is an indication that the manufacturer took the time to design it according to the very particular needs of the user.

There is a high risk that a cheap Power Tower often lag in quality and you will again focus more on the bad quality than your actual workout.

Now let’s go through some of the better Power Towers you can buy.

What are some of the Best Power Towers for your Workouts in 2017?

​Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower

This is one of the best power towers with a duty powered coating. It has a tube frame which can handle up to around 400 lbs.

People who purchased this Power Tower describes it as very stable.

It provides the possibility to do the main exercises that a power tower should do but have additional exercise possibilities where especially two of them are very beneficial.

Rows or progressive pull-ups are done with feet on the ground and then pulling to the chest. This is a good way to prepare for real pull-ups.

Assisted dips are also done with the feet on the ground and are a good way to start mastering them.

Body Champ Power Tower

This power tower does what it’s supposed to do at an affordable price.

Some people say that they could wish for more stability but at the price it’s acceptable.

For a fixed budget, this is a good option.

Weider Power Tower

This is another popular Power Tower to an affordable price.

It weighs a bit more than the Body Champ Power Tower and therefore also less wobbly feeling.

The most complaints go on the assembling where some people struggle and also the shipment seems to have issues where parts are missing or the box is damaged.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

This is one of the cheapest Power Towers and due to that, you will have to be without arm and back rest which means that knee and leg raises can only be done when hanging in your arms from the pull-up bar.

Even though it only weighs 54 pounds there are not many complain about a wobbling feeling when working out. However, some people do point out a lower quality but due to the price, they seem to accept it.

In short, buy this Power Tower if you don't plan to go to hard at it and if the price is important.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Body Vision PT600 is a bit heavier than the two previous Power Towers but it’s in the same price range.

You are able to do the basic exercises that a Power Tower provides.

The stability seems to be ok - again considering the price. The biggest issue is that some people complain about a very industrial smell.

Bowflex Body Tower

This Power Tower is in the higher price range and for the additional money, you get a solid constructed Power Tower that can handle up to 300 pounds and sling straps.

With this device, you can perform more than 20 exercises. It has adjustable horizontal bars. This will help you add variety to your exercise workout.

The power tower comes with a well-cushioned back pad. This is made to give you maximum comfort. With a dimension of 50 x 77 x 50 inches and weighing nearly 120 pounds, it is one of the best power towers for small homes. But please also pay attention that this might become an issue for taller people.

As with the Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi-Function Power Tower it is possible to do rows with feet on the ground.

Gold's Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

This power tower has it all at an affordable price.

People who bought it are very happy and have few complaints.

A Power Tower that seems to do what it’s supposed to.

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