Best gymnastics grips

Best gymnastics grips for CrossFit

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Best Gymnastics Grips for CrossFit & Calisthenics

All too often, CrossFit athletes flaunt their harsh hand injuries as badges of honor. When, in fact, wearing proper protection is a more realistic sign of long-term commitment. Hand grips offer a protective barrier between friction-intensive activities, such as barbells, kettlebells, and chin-ups. They can prevent painful ripped calluses and keep you on the gym floor.

In this article, we will review six different gymnastics grips for CrossFit. They are:

What are Gymnastics grips and What Are They Good for?

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Gymnastics grips for CrossFit are fingerless leather or synthetic leather hand protectors. They are typically secured in place by finger holes and a wrist wrap. They cover the soft padded area of the palm, which is highly suspectable to friction-induced calluses and painful skin tears. By adding this protective layer of material, athletes can prevent painful injuries and eliminate lost gym time.

CrossFit has embraced the quintessential gymnast grips, which offer two or three finger holes, are typically made of leather, and lock in at the wrist. This extra level of protection is often spattered with chalk to provide an even more secure grasp. It is essential when clasping weighted barbells, kettlebells, and other slippery, friction-intensive surfaces.

Crossfit athletes are especially prone to rips and tears on the palms of their hands. These painful hand injuries are the result of pinched, torn hand calluses. When the outer layer of the skin builds up, it becomes increasingly vulnerable to being trapped beneath a barbell or other tight surface.

Proper grips should provide a thin fabric surface that is ample to fold thinly when wrapped over the top of a bar. The material also needs to be powerful enough to withstand the friction of your entire body weight. Grips alter your proprioception, which is a fantasy word for muscle reflexes and reactions. Therefore, you want something that fits tight, stretches easily, and conforms to your body.

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What you should look for:

When purchasing Gymnastics grips for CrossFit, it is important to consider their durability, quality of material, and level of comfort and protection.


Durability can often be identified by the material, stitching, and quality of the grips. Oftentimes, especially when purchasing online, athletes opt to purchase from a trusted, reputable brand for this reason. In most cases, leather grips last the longest but take the longest to break in, while synthetic and tape become brittle over time.

When inspecting a product for durability, look for robust, layered stitching. The last thing you want to experience is a torn grip in the middle of a workout. Keep in mind that while thicker materials offer a greater protective barrier, they can sometimes hinder your bar feel.


Leather fabric is one of the longest-lasting, most durable material options. Premium, textured leather provides a soft, flexible surface with an impressive bar feel. Meanwhile, synthetic fabrics are often more flexible, breathable, and washable. Popular synthetic includes nylon, carbon fiber, and zinc oxide. Athletic tape is the weakest grip material but is still valued by many athletes because of its ability to conform to the hand.

Fabric should be taut. Many grips come in a variety of sizes, such as small, medium, or large. Others are sized based on your ring finger and some are even designed to be custom cut. It is important to make sure your grip fits properly, but the material is still able to stretch.

Along with the material of the grip, you'll want to consider the material and design of the wrist wrap. Popular options include the hook and loop strap and velcro straps. Both are viable options. Consumers should look for something that is going to stay put. Occasionally, these straps are embedded with a plastic or other sturdy framework. These are great for additional support but sometimes result in digging and discomfort.


When choosing grips, you don't want to compromise comfort over protection, or vice-versa. Look for grips that offer soft, flexible coverage that covers the soft padding of the palm and is held firmly in place by a stable wrist wrap. In the end, you want something that will facilitate your athletic performance while preventing hand rips.

Be wary of products that wear easily or offer a reduced shelf life. For example, zinc carbonate grips provide premium coverage but begin to disintegrate with prolonged use. Many athletes look to grips because they provide more security than tape, with more feel than gloves. However, you can sometimes be tricked into supplementing safety for tactile feel.

Remember, no two athletes are alike. If you're someone that needs to feel the bar to get the proper lift, look for grips that are made from a durable, thin material. Safety requires a combination of elements, and for many, thicker leather grips will reduce rips but could lead to a loss of grip.


Rogue V2 Gymnastics Grips

Rogue's black and gray, dual-sided leather V2 grips provide the utmost comfort when performing bar exercises. The textured leather provides a surface that doesn't slip, bunch, or fold. Furthermore, their hallmark hook-and-loop strap and precision finger holes allow users to adjust this grips for size and comfort.

As the leading producer of strength and conditioning gear in the United States, Rogue offers consistently high-quality products. You'll be pleased with the lightweight, yet the durable feel of these grips. With breathable protection, you'll spend less time whimpering over rips and more time on your WOD.

JerkFit WODies

WODies are latex-free elastic grips that are designed to fit snuggly over the soft padding of the palm of your hands. By cutting your own finger holes and loading these grips up with extra chalk, per the manufacturer's instructions, you'll gain a custom-fit, pinch-free, andfriction absorbing protective layer. Better yet, they come in a fabulous assortment of colors and can be tossed in the wash.

The WODies also provide comprehensive wrist support. They feature a strap is stiff enough to support AMRAP style workouts. Still, the over-the-palm padding is incredibly soft and pliant.


Rogue Natural Grips are a great alternative to bulk gymnast grips. They are made from 100% zinc oxide tape and feature a streamlined, bunch-free profile that slips over palms and wrist. Unlike traditional leather or synthetic grips, these do need to be replaced every couple of months or so.

Another profound product from the Rogue Line, a great benefit to the natural grips is that they can be paired interchangeably with wrist support. They also do a fantastic job of preventing slips, pinches, and rips.

Bear KompleX 3

Bear KompleX feature dual-sided textured leather support paired with an adjustable leather wrist wrap for extreme comfort and protection. An excellent feature of these grips is the triple stitching and triple finger holes, which offer an exceptional level of reliability for power lifters.

You find that the KomleX grips offer a good bar feel while offering a considerable amount of protection. They also offer several specifications, including sizes, colors, and a choice between two or three finger holes.

JAW Pullup Grips

One of the most lightweight and breathable grips on the market, JAW Pullup Grips feature synthetic fabric palm supports paired with Velcro wrist wraps. Unlike leather grips, which need to be broken-in these are ready to go. They also hold up excellently to intense perspiration.

If you're looking for something lighter than leather and more durable than tape, these grips offer a happy intermediate. Paired with a bit of chalk, you'll enjoy rip-free workouts loaded with pull ups, muscle ups, kettlebells, and so much more.

Leather Barbell Gymnastics Grips by WOD Nation

WOD Nation's barbell grips are an awesome combination of leather palm pads and wide elastic, nylon wrist straps. Unlike tradition leather grips, these don't need to be broken-in. Both the leather and nylon are extremely soft and flexible. They easily conform to a bar and provide thorough protection for your hands, eliminating messy injuries.

They are size-specific and come in a variety of pleasant colors. While not as durable as the leather alternatives, these nylon grips offer tremendous, slipless bar feel.


Gymnastics grips for CrossFit grips provide athletes with much-needed protection from painful calluses and rips that are come of a result of hand-intensive workouts of CrossFit. By providing a strong, flexible barrier between an athlete's palm and workout equipment, the individual can pursue their WOD goals without succumbing to maddening injuries.

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