Mechanix Original Women's Gloves - Pink Camo

Best CrossFit gloves for men and women

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Best CrossFit Gloves

In this article, we will review seven different CrossFit Gloves. They are:

Rogue Mechanix Vented Gloves 2.0

Rogue Mechanix Vented Gloves 2.0

Mechanix Fingerless Covert Gloves

Mechanix Fingerless Covert Gloves

Mechanix Original Women's Gloves - Pink Camo

Mechanix Original Women's Gloves - Pink Camo

Bionic Men's Performance Grip w: Natural Fit Technology Full Finger Fitness Gloves

Bionic Men's Performance Grip 

Fuel Performance Premium Cross Training Gloves

Fuel Performance Premium Cross Training Gloves

Reebok Full Fingered Functional Gloves

Reebok Full Fingered Functional Gloves

StrongerRx Forever Gloves

StrongerRx Forever Gloves

Crossfit gloves

If you have been doing CrossFit or Calisthenics for some time you for sure have noticed the impact it has on your hands.

Pull-ups, chest to bar, bar muscle-ups and workouts where barbell are involved will make your hands look like a hard working constructor.

In the beginning, you will only notice how rough your hands have become but at one point the skin will for sure tear if you don't deal with it and this is where a pair of Crossfit gloves could become beneficial.

What is CrossFit Gloves?

CrossFit gloves are specially designed with above exercises in mind. Meaning they are not like normal gym gloves which the only purpose is to save your hands when lifting weights.

A good pair of CrossFit gloves is designed in a way so you can do several pull-ups for then to continue with some heavy Olympic weight lifting all in the same workout.

Crossfit gloves holding kettlebell

Why Should You Consider Buying Them?

damaged crossfit hands

Well, I guess it’s obvious but if you want to keep your hands in a good condition which also means that you don't have to take longer breaks due to torn hands, a pair of CrossFit gloves could be the right solution.

How are They Different from Grips?

Gloves vary drastically from gymnastic grips. Grips only cover one side of your hand and are specially designed for workouts in the bars such as pull-ups, toes to bar, chest to bar etc. CrossFit gloves, on the other hand, cover all of your hand and are therefore suited for any activity where your grip is challenged.

grips for crossfit

What Should You Look for in CrossFit Gloves?

The first thing to look for in a pair of CrossFit gloves is how tightly they fit your hand. If they are too tight, then they will cut off circulation to parts of your hand. This statement is specifically true of the holes for each finger in the gloves. These gloves only cover about half of each finger, so you do not want the seams digging into your fingers at all.

You should also look for a pair of gloves that come with an adjustable strap for tightening around your wrist. This adjustability is great for when your hands might swell throughout a workout.

How Comfortable are the CrossFit Gloves to wear?

These gloves are usually quite comfortable, so long as you find the proper fit, therefore, make sure to follow the guidelines to find the correct size for your hands.

They should feel almost like a slightly loose second skin over your hand. In most cases, these gloves are all extremely comfortable, so long as they do not fit too tightly in your hand. The key to comfort is an easy fit and a lot of breathable fabric that stands up to a beating.

How Durable are the CrossFit Gloves?

The best pairs of CrossFit gloves will come with extra padding on your palms to prevent fabric from wearing too thin. Since CrossFit is so intense, then you need to have gloves that stand up to the challenge for more than a few workouts. The best pairs should last you for months on end.

Some of these gloves come with extra panels for support to prevent wear and tear from ending the gloves' life prematurely. Also, these panels make certain the gloves will not rip while they are in use. These gloves also need to stand up to repeat washes, especially if you decide to apply chalk to them during workouts.

How Well Ventilated are the CrossFit Gloves?

It is important to note that your hands will sweat during a CrossFit WOD. Therefore, you need to have gloves with plenty of ventilation to make sure your hands can breathe. This is probably one of the biggest issues that people have with CrossFit gloves.

This ventilation will stop your gloves from building up with sweat on the inside, which means they will not feel comfortable to wear and what is even worse the grip will become poor.

What are the Best CrossFit Gloves?

Here is a closer look at seven of the best CrossFit Gloves.

Rogue Mechanix Vented Gloves 2.0

I have a older of these gloves myself and still continue to use them. They are made from form-fitting mesh, which will allow air to enter into the gloves and minimize the build-up of heat and sweat. At the same time, the thumb includes perforated reinforcement to increase durability overall. Such reinforcement will make sure the glove does not break down over time.

Furthermore, vented reinforcement panels have been added in strategic locations throughout the glove for added comfort and protection. At the bottom of each wrist rests a nylon cord loop, and this loop can easily connect to any clip on bags for the sake of keeping track of the gloves when they are not in use.

Probably one of the favourite features of this pair of gloves lies in the fact that they are machine washable. Therefore, whenever they become too dirty, sweaty, or full of chalk, then they can just be thrown in the wash with your other gym and workout clothes.

Mechanix Fingerless Covert Gloves

One of the more popular brands available for various types of gloves is Mechanix. This pair is made of synthetic leather, which is extremely durable and allows your hands to breathe well. The patented Impact Guard technology in these gloves includes protection for the first knuckle on each of your hands for added protection.

EVA foam padding comprises the material for the Impact Guard. At the same time, these gloves are fingerless in design to promote dexterity of use, so you will be able to grapple pull up bars more easily. Each palm comes covered with D3O padding in order to absorb and dissipate high-impact energy. Furthermore, Armortex palm reinforcement provides even more durable gripping power during exercise.

Mechanix Original Women's Gloves - Pink Camo

CrossFit gloves do not only have to be for men alone. After all, plenty of women partake in CrossFit, too. Therefore, Mechanix offers a pair of gloves tailored just for those of you who are female and need a little bit more snug of a fit. These gloves are form-fitting and provide TrekDry to help keep hands cool during a workout.

Furthermore, the gloves are made from Flexible Thermal Plastic Rubber, which provides a tight seal that can be adjusted at the wrist. The hook and loop at the bottom are also made from industrial grade plastic for keeping track of the gloves when they are not in use.

Bionic Men's Performance Grip w/ Natural Fit Technology Full Finger Fitness Gloves

These gloves are the official gloves of Marshawn Lynch. They prevent hand fatigue while providing added strength through the anatomical pad relief system. As part of this design, the palms feature leather construction. This construction can be found in other parts of the hand as well to help displace pressure during workouts. For the sake of adapting to the fit of your own hand, the gloves come with pre-rotated finger designs for fitting to a curve position.

Fuel Performance Premium Cross Training Gloves

These cross training gloves by Fuel Performance are made from synthetic leather in the palms, which is meant to provide added comfort and support during the most intense workouts. Instead of only covering part of your fingers, these gloves cover them completely.

This added protection keeps your fingers from being worn out or from developing callouses during back to back workouts. For the sake of preventing blisters all the more when using those pull bars, these gloves provide you with improved grip and padding. Extra padding even exists between the fingers for more support.

Reebok Full Fingered Functional Gloves

Reebok produces another pair of full-fingered gloves as well. Like other pairs of gloves, these come with a band around the wrist. This band is made from adjustable Velcro closure for secure fit purposes. At the same time, the fingertips are covered in leather for added protection and reinforcement. The thumb also comes with added grips for maximum durability and to make certain you can keep a firm grip on pull up and weight bars.

While these gloves are made from hard-wearing fabric, they are also extremely breathable. High grip material comprises the palm as well. The wrist strap itself is about three inches wide, which also adds stability during heavy lifting. Rebook engineered these gloves for full protection and control while performing exercise and during functional training experiences.

Many athletes make use of these gloves because of the all-in-one solution they provide to protection and grip during exercise. It also provides plenty of support at the wrist to make certain you can take care of your muscles and joints at the same time.

StrongerRx Forever Gloves

One of the most attractive parts of StrongerRx's brand is the forever replacement program they offer. No matter what happens to the gloves or when you can also have them replaced with a new pair. All you need to do is simply purchase the item to be automatically enrolled into the ForeverGloves program. For someone who partakes in CrossFit a great deal, you will be able to have an endless supply of gloves at your disposal as a pair after pair wears out.

These gloves are made from a super flexible material, which makes for functional fitness situations. Inside of these gloves, your hand will be able to move freely and with added support. Furthermore, the lightweight design provides plenty of breathability that keeps your hand feeling comfortable for hours to come.

If you are looking for a pair of gloves that can be used for more than CrossFit you might want to check out this buying guide for best tactical gloves as well.

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