15 minute workout for women and men

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15 minute workout for women and men

Before we go to the workouts lets just answer the question that most people ask themselves when they hear about a 15 minute workout. Can you really get an efficient workout in 15 minutes? The answer is, yes! if you do it right. And that is where it goes wrong for most people. They simply don’t do these short workouts the way that has proven to give effects.
If you want to know more about how to make short workouts efficient please read my article High-intensity workouts or a waste of time but for now let’s just highlight the most important points.
  • A 15 minute workout or less, have to be done with a heart rate around 90-100% of max heart rate. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, make sure to reach a point where you only can speak single words.
  • A 15 minute workout, should be done in intervals. This as it’s the best way to keep heart rate high for longer periods. Shorter workouts can be done without breaks.
  • A 15 minute workout or less, should utilize exercises that involve as many muscles and joints as possible in order to get a high intensity. In other words doing crunches or bicep curls won’t do the trick.
  • Do them right or don’t do them!
Below I have three full-body workouts that follow the principles I just mentioned for a 15 minute workout or less.
They can be done by women and men and will give you a full body workout that will both make you stronger and boost your cardiorespiratory fitness level.
All of them need a good warm up and you can find my 5/10min warm-up here!
If you want more of the same type of workouts please have a look at my free 5 week workout plan.
Have fun!


15 minute workout ArsenicYou will understand the name after you have done it. It’s exactly a 15 minute workout that is build up of 3 minute intervals.
The killer exercises are burpees and jumping lunges. The bear crawl is where you should catch your breath. As all of these short exercises, it will boost your metabolism and improve your cardiorespiratory fitness. Furthermore, it will strengthen your muscles, especially in your lower body.

10 minute workout NeonNeon:

This workout is done in 10 minutes but it consists of two 4 minute intervals. Therefore the total workout time is 8 minutes. The workouts are less demanding from a cardiorespiratory fitness perspective but when it comes to strength especially the core/abs get a lot of focus.

6 minute workout NitrogenNitrogen:

Here we have 6 minutes without a break, so the challenge will be to keep up the efforts during the complete workout. We have more focus on the upper body than in any of the other workouts. If you can’t do real push-ups, do them on knees. The video will show the exercises in details.

Download all the workouts here as PDF

15 minute workout pdf
In the video you will find each exercise demonstrated in details and some will have suggestions on how to scale if they are too tough for you.


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